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jeudi 16 février 2006

NEWS : WiMAX at 3GSM World Congress (Telephony Online)

Interesting analysis on Wimax future versus 3G. The author put forward that both Mobile WiMax related anouncement : Skype partnership with Hutchison and Alcatel mid-2006 readiness for a mobile with this technology boost Mobile WiMax. This standard was predicted to go to market around 2008, the pace may be quite quicker.

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dimanche 12 février 2006

3GSM World Forum in Barcelone, still IMS focused ?

[Version Française]

The 13th of February will start the 3GSM World Congress 2006, the top Mobile Event of 2006. Last year, at the same congress, taking place at Cannes, IMS was the buzz word and hi tech information website Lightreading.com was heading IMS Tops 3GSM Agenda, relaying the numerous communications made by companies on the topic. Now, this very site question the unanimity of the focus on this topic.

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samedi 11 février 2006



In short :

Expert in Telephnoy (SS7, ISDN, VOIP) and networks (IP, ATM, SDH), I am quite excited by all the topics about this new technology and in large in voice-data-video convergence.

Installation and start up of those Voip networks at customers give me a 'realistic' vieww of advantage and drawbacks of those kind of technologies.

I'm presently looking forward opportunities to join a company as Product manager in telecom product especially the one related to convergence.

CV in Word format

Don't hesitate to contact me : tanneguy(at)converge-blog.ouvaton.org

His life & actions ...

In VOIP since 1999, I did participate to the first VOIP trials for Nortel Networks in China (Beijing 1999, 2001, Canton 2001, from which resulted a deployement in Chongqing ), and went to San-José (California, US, 2000) to participate to a tech transfer on Nortel's VOIP Gateway. This is why the international view of the sector - in addition to Europe - more precisely in China (where I also did a marketing study ) and US do interest me. In 2004 and 2005, I also deployed several VOIP networks both residential and Business (IPCentrex / IPBX) as Project Manager in Nothern Europe and UK.

His websites :

- Blog : Convergence Connexion (on Zdnet, french subsidiary of cnet.com)
- My Consulting company website :
RAMIERET Consulting
- Participation at
"Terres d'Ecrivains" website starting about Writers houses and cultural tourism.

They talk about him :

- Quotation on : Téléphonie sur internet (ToIP): les entreprises doivent soigner les usages, by Laurent Dupin (Zdnet)
- Article on his marketing consultancy mission in China : The ENPC MBA : more than just a Degree - an International Network ! on ENPC MBA website.