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mardi 8 novembre 2005

Convergent services bundles : a risk ??

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An interesting article on bundle risk by Russell Shaw on Zdnet.com raise the issue of having the same source for all the media (one provider and one media - like ADSL or Cable for Internet, TV and Telephone). It may prevent us to use all of them if the source is broken. This is a starting point on a short discussion on this mono-source issue in convergent networks.

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vendredi 19 août 2005

Telecom convergence, why ?...


Antoine de Saint-Exupery was saying as the technology was evolving, it was symplifying itself. Suprisingly, it goes from complexity to simpleness.

Technology in large, and more precisely in Telecom when , simplifying, goes to more convergence, mobility, and cost saving, ....

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What Convergence-Blog is about

Now the English part of the Blog is being put on line. "Converge-Blog" is aiming to be an information and exchange crossword for all that are interested in Telecom CONVERGENCE : networks, terminals, applications : how, why and up to which point.

It is targetting both
  • Convergence actors : to initiate idea sharng on state of the art, perspectives, and what's going on other parts of the words especiallly in Europe, America and China (see NEWS in French or in English)
  • "
  • final users to raise their needs and the lacks of the products see Forum (only French for the moment))
  • "
For both categories, it also provide some analysis of the market and the trends : see convergence and Voip). I am waiting your feedback on all this !!...

jeudi 18 août 2005

Converge-blog soon in English

I am working hard to get this Blog bilingual. Soon, an English option !!