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vendredi 14 octobre 2005

NEWS : 10/13/2005 : a new 3G mobile-PC convergent device

Vodaphone releases a new 3G device between mobile and PC (dimensions 81x127x25 mm : only about 50% bigger than an average 3G mobile), running on Windows Mobile 5.0, offering an easy way to access the classical business application (word, excel, PDF ...) and a wide range of connectivity (USB, bluetooth, IR, WiFi ...).

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mercredi 28 septembre 2005

NEWS : 08/08/2005 : New York courts find security in IP video (Networkword)

An additionnal application on its existing Voip networks - IP video security - make New Yoer courts save 1 million $. Interesting example of how voice / data convergence save costs.

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jeudi 22 septembre 2005

NEWS : VOIP & Telecoms in Katarina's Hurricane

Commented press review

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lundi 5 septembre 2005

NEWS : Aug.11, 2005 : IMS Indicators (article from Telephony Online)

By Jason Meyers, from Telephony Online

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mardi 30 août 2005

NEWS : Aug. 3, 2005 : Europe Ready for Cell-VoIP Convergence, Survey Says (Article from Networking Pipeline)

By Mobile Pipeline Staff from Networking Pipeline.

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vendredi 26 août 2005

NEWS : Aug. 17, 2005 : Yahoo readies new VoIP service (Article from Computer Business Online)

By Rhonda Ascierto, from Computer Business Review Online.

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mercredi 24 août 2005

NEWS : Jan. 17, 2005 : Mobile VoIP set to roam even wider (Article form Network World)

By Tim Greene, Network World

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